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[Pros and Cons of Metal Packaging]


[Pros and Cons of Metal Packaging]

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As one of the four packaging materials, metal packaging materials play an important role in modern packaging materials. Talk about the shortcomings and advantages of metal packaging.

(1) Excellent barrier properties and excellent comprehensive protection properties Metal packaging materials have extremely low transmittance (almost zero) to gas, water and water vapor, good aroma retention and complete opacity, and can effectively Avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet light; its gas barrier, moisture resistance, opacity and aroma retention far exceed those of other types of packaging materials such as plastics and paper. Therefore, the metal package can provide excellent protection properties for the contents, and is advantageous for maintaining the quality of the product for a long time.

(2) It has good mechanical properties, processability and high-strength metal packaging materials with good ductility and high strength. It can be processed by stamping, rolling, drawing, welding, etc. The packaging container with high compressive strength and not easy to be broken can also be combined with other materials to form a composite packaging material with excellent comprehensive performance.

(3) It has special metal luster, good surface decoration, special metal luster and exquisite decoration printing, which can make the appearance of the goods rich and gorgeous, beautiful and marketable, and at the same time can enhance the value of the goods.

(4) Convenient and hygienic metal packaging containers and internal coatings can generally meet the requirements of hygiene and safety. The products packaged with them are easy to carry and use (generally with easy-opening devices, such as pull-tabs for cans), which can adapt to Different climatic conditions. The waste is well treated and can be recycled and recycled.

Disadvantages of metal packaging mainly include: poor chemical stability, especially steel materials are easy to rust, generally should be coated with anti-rust materials; acid and alkali resistance is weak, when packaging acidic substances (especially food), metal ions will precipitate Influencing the quality of products, generally need to protect the inner coating; metal packaging materials are more expensive than other packaging materials, and the overall packaging cost is also higher.

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