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Book printing knowledge you don't know


Book printing knowledge you don't know

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In our lives, the shadow of the album is not uncommon. However, how many people know how the album is printed. What do the representatives of the industry use when they make the album, what is the meaning of the representative? Here are five examples to give you a generalization.

1, color orders. For non-industry people, this statement is really strange. But for the operator, the meaning it represents has long been memorized. According to reports, the color order is a unit of measurement used in the printing of the album. For example, if a batch of papers is completely printed, it can be called a one-color order.

2, page number, this statement must be familiar to many people. When we read the book, we will find that each page is marked with a number in the left or lower right corner. It means that the page you turned to belongs to the whole book. The number of pages of the book. The page number in the album also means this. The purpose of the album to indicate the page number is the same as other books, but also for the convenience of reading or production.

3, Tiantou, the meaning of this statement is actually very simple, mainly refers to the top space of each page of the paper, corresponding to it, the blank space below the album page is called the foot.

4, the incision, that is, the side of each page where the paper is cut. According to industry insiders, the size of the incision is stipulated. Cutting too much affects reading, and cutting too little affects the overall effect of the album.

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